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Will the symmetrical shape of skateboards regardless of head and tail become the mainstream in the future?

2023-02-03 10:02:21

Twin Tail Board or Twin Nose Board can be collectively referred to as Symmetrical Board, although this is nothing new, however in the past it was not easy to buy a board like this

(In 2008, Plan B launched a symmetrical board called “switch concave” for Jereme Rogers at the time.)

Fortunately, popular skaters such as Ishod Wair and Neen Williams started using symmetrical board shapes a few years ago, and this once “non-mainstream” product quickly gained considerable recognition. As long as you are not still using Nokia and connected to a 2G network, then you must have seen this type of board more or less.


Maybe it is not necessary to quickly identify the head and tail through special colored bridge nails or different sandpaper cuts, and there is no need to worry about the front and rear brackets being unbalanced or inconsistent with the head and tail wear due to the steering habits of daily sliding, which can also make the board surface It has a longer lifespan… In short, it does have very significant advantages and characteristics, so in the circle of professional skaters, skaters continue to join the camp of Symmetrical Board.


Ishod Wair also talked about why he started to use this type of board: the conventional skateboard shape adopts a design with a more warped nose and a flatter and smaller tail, although when doing nollie or switch actions, using the nose to touch the ground can bring A more footed pop, but this “inconsistency” makes him feel uncomfortable, and he feels more natural that the tail of the board with a flatter and smaller area touches the ground faster at the moment of landing. In addition, the shape of the board he used before is actually similar to the shape of the head and tail, so he adapted quite quickly.


(Twin Tail Board or Twin Nose Board)


When more board brands have professional skaters with symmetrical skateboards, one of the most direct results is that there are more choices for the public to buy a Twin Tail or Twin Nose board. It also got a lot easier.



So would you try a symmetrical shape? If you’ve tried it, how did it feel?

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