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Power Surfboard Tour in Huangshan

2023-02-03 11:02:49

Jet surfboard is an emerging water sport in recent years. It has various playing methods, cool and trendy, strong operability, entertainment and competition, and is deeply loved by young people.

The 2022 “Chinese Calligraphy Building Cup” National Power Surfboard Tournament kicked off at Taiping Lake in Huangshan on the morning of September 17. This high-level water sports event will create a new chapter in the field of power surfing and power surfboards, and continue to expand the domestic influence of emerging water sports.

This competition set up two groups of professional group and the youth group, a total of 7 competition events, successfully accepted 19 power surfboard teams and nearly 70 players from 11 provinces and regions in the country to sign up for the competition, which is the largest number of teams and personnel in the competition over the years once. The specific competitions are divided into: men’s power surfboard ring race, women’s power surfboard ring race, men’s power surfboard obstacle course, women’s power surfboard obstacle course, power surfboard endurance race, youth men Power surfboard slalom race, teenager girls power surfboard slalom race.


The teams that came from afar to participate in the competition, in the face of the COVID-19, weather and many other difficulties, did not compromise, did not give in, and faced up to the difficulties, which also reflected their support for surfboard sports and the Chinese surfboard industry.

May TAME BILLOW and colleagues work together to create a new chapter of power surfboards, continue to expand the influence of power surfboards in China, and help the development of a healthy China and a sports power.

TAME BILLOW combines the zen comfort of surfing with the speed of motion to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The brand vision is to become the world’s leading water sports brand with cutting-edge technology and high-quality design. Truly realize the progress of Chinese science and technology from Made in China, to Made in China, and then to Created in China.

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