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Motorized Surfboard Jet Power Boat Surfing Board

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Product Description

YH-GS01 Gas powered surfboard


YH-GS01 Gas powered susrfboard  is a board that everyone can enjoy. Its characteristics are a perfect fit for families and for rental purposes. This model  is durable and reliable, but most of all, this model will be a great guide during your early JetSurfing stages.  it’s the perfect option for families with both regular and goofy riders, so that way nobody misses out on the action.



Upgrades of the engine take fuel efficiency to a whole new level. Enjoy over an hour of continuous riding using only 3 liters of fuel.



 YH-GS01 Gas powered surfboard with  more curved hulls give enough traction and confidence for faster turning with shorter turning radius.


The ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam connect the riders to the boards, allowing for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips. The straps are placed for ideal weight distribution on the board making it nearly impossible to slip off the board.




YH-GS01 Gas powered surfboard comes with an option of foot strap free option. Rubber pad on the board helps with motorized surfboard initial attempts to stand up. When feeling confident in stand up riding position, foot straps may be easily mount on the hull.






LENGTH 1800 mm / 70.87 inches WIDTH 600 mm / 23.62 inches
HEIGHT 150 mm / 5.91 inches MAX LOAD 120 kg / 264 pounds
FUEL CAPACITY 3 l / 0.79 gallons PADS Standard - 4 straps
PROPULSION SYSTEM Jet-Pump direct drive RACING PUMP Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage
RACING IMPELLER Carbon fiber TYPE 2 stroke engine water-cooled
DISPLACEMENT 110 CC FUEL Unleaded 95 + full synthetic 2 stroke racing oil
TOP SPEED 50 km/h   /   31.25 mph WEIGHT 20 kg / 44 pounds

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