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Jet surf surfboard max Speed 55km/h Power Motor Electric Surfboard for Surfing

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Product Description

YH-ES01 Electric surfboard


Is there an electric surfboard?

Surfing has become one of the most popular water sports today. Professional surfers travel the world in search of better waves to Australia, California and other destinations with the best waves.

It takes a lot of time, manpower and financial resources to find the perfect surfing spot. However, the seasons and times suitable for surfing are short. Now, there are new styles of surfing, it’s better than traditional surfing.

It breaks the limitations of seasonal weather and wave points. You can surf on any body of water with it.

The best surfboard that can be perfectly adapted to any aquatic conditions – the electric surfboard. For those who are not good at surfing, the fun starts with a modern electric surfboard.

These novel water toys have been loved by many ronin as soon as they are listed!

Generally, the electric motorized surfboard includes:


Jet electric surfboard, electric stand up paddle and Electric hydrofoil surfboard.

Jet electric surfboard designed for speed and passion, it is fastest among the 3 types. Most of the electric surfboards can reach top speed 50km/h, which makes surfers experience the fun of surfing.

The electric stand up paddle is a cheap electric surfboard, it’s just equipped with an electric thruster at the rear.

Both electric hydrofoil surfboards and Jet electric surfboards adopt lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Electric hydrofoil has a longer battery life, as it moves smoothly on the water and not so fast. Such as lift foils lift3, it has ride time up to 100 minutes. But safety is a big concern, as the hydrofoil electric surfboard has sharp uprights and naked propellers.

12KW China E Power Engine Water Craft Jet Surf Elektro Board Electronic Surf Jet Electric Motorized Surfboard For Sale.


Full Review on TAME BILLOW Electric Jet boards:

Recently, YH launched a new top electric board , YH-ES01.

Besides ,this model is made of full high quality carbon fiber. Not only does it have a cool look, but it can gallop on the water with ease. Compared with traditional surfboards, electric surfboards can support users to surf in any water under any circumstances.

The YH-ES01 with a high speed brushless special electric motor and improved impeller can reach high speeds up to 52 km/h. In addition, the board is equipped with three speed settings and three sensitivity modes. The speed of the board from 0 to 50 km/h can be in just 4 seconds. It’s even faster than jet skis.

Each of the jet board has an upgraded wireless speed control system, it makes the surfboard more lightweight and flexible. And the surfboard’s response speed reaches 0.02 seconds. The riders can easily control the speed of the surfboard through the throttle on the wrist, or a handheld wireless remote controller. It also makes technical movements such as jumping and turning much easier.

Most important, YH-ES01 jetsurf board is powered by a 72V 50Ah  lithium-ion battery pack. It ensure the surfboard 45 – 60 minutes of ride times. It takes about 3 hours  to complete the charge.




Product name
Electric surfboard
Motor Power
Durable Carbon Fiber Shell
Max Loading Weight
Surface coating
Can be customized
Charger specifications
Battery life
1000 times charge and discharge
Battery type
Lithium battery
Battery replacement
Fast removeable plug-in battery
Battery weight
Max speed
Working time
About 45-60 minutes
Gross weight
Battery size 
Waterproof Level
Battery Type
Socket type replacement rechargeable battery
Product size
Carton size

Warranty policy:


Power system is guaranteed for 12months and battery

for 9 months



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