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Full Carbon E-Foil +Electric Foil Board Surf 45*55KM/h hydrofoil with battery and motor Efoil ( foil+board )

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Product Description

TAME BILLOW Efoil Electric Hydrofoil surfboard 



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Amazingly fast, the electric motor of the hydrofoil lifts the surfboard out of the water and lets you cruise with nearly no drag.


 It’s efficient, as you seemingly glide above the waves at impressive speeds.




Responsiveness. Carbon construction. Allows for a more aggressive freestyle performance.

Not restricted by water ,TAME BILLOW Efoil is suitable for rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.

Regardless of whether the waves are calm or the waves are ups and downs, no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional surfer, you can enjoy the fun.

New energy power, zero emission, environmental protection and pollution-free.

Two different specifications of hydrofoils provide options for surfers of different proficiency levels.



What is an eFoil?


The TAME BILLOW surfboard uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all carbon  fiber hydrofoil.

Controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand controller, it allows you to ride for up to 70minutes on a three hour charge.


The Propulsion


Engine Controller

An ergonomic, waterproof bluetooth controller that easily shows battery life, and allows you to swap quickly and intuitively between a multitude of speed and performance settings. 

Want to stop while on board? Just release the trigger.For added safety, as soon as the controller hits the water or if the board tilts past 45 degrees, the propulsion automatically stops.




The TAME BILLOW Efoils propellers are precision machined out of a solid block of steel. We hand polish and balance each prop to perfection before finishing with a hard anodization.

TAME BILLOW’s propellers are where the “rubber meets the road”, engineers will recognize  that they are a work of art, and riders will appreciate that they extremely reliable.



Waterproof Hatch

All the batteries, engine controller, chips and the wires are stored in the waterproof hatch. It’s easily opened to replace the battery.



Electric Foil Surfboard Specification:


Average speed 25-30 km/h Top speed 25-30 km/h
Battery charge time 3 hours normal charger Working time 70minutes
Voltage 48V 30Ah Lithium battery 30Ah  Rechargeable
Motor 4000W Rotation rate 5000 rmp
Flying Foil Full carbon Wireless remote  R/F type
Safety control system Magnetic blow out switch Board Size 168cm or 210 cm
Board package 226 x 91 x 24cm Parts package 105 x 97 x 32cm
Battery package 41x43x14 cm (sample Separate packing )
Package Details :
Packing in high quality plywood cases or cartons based on your requets

Included Accessories (for one unit)

1*Board + waterproof hatch;

1*Lithium battery

1*Fairwater sleeve + Propeller;

1*Remote control;

1*Front Wing + fuselage + Rear Wing;

1*Motor + mast; 1*Inverter;

1*Charger; 1*Leash + magnetic switch;

1*Board bag

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