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2024 Best Design Luxury Jet kart Boat for Water Sports Used Personal Jet Ski Tour Boat for Outdoor Lake & River Usage for Sale

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Product Description

Jet Kart boat Brief Introduction


What Is A Jet Boat ?


A jet boat is a type of watercraft that’s propelled by a jet of water ejected from the back of the craft, rather than using a
propeller. This is achieved by a specially designed pump system that takes in water from beneath the boat into a pump-jet inside the boat, before expelling it out of the stern.

Unlike conventional propeller systems, jet boats have no external rotating parts, making them safer for swimmers and wildlife.They also typically have the ability to operate in very shallow water. This propulsion method allows for high speed and maneuverability, making jet boats popular for recreational uses, as well as for certain types of water sports.

Another key feature of jet boats is their ability to execute a ‘jet spin’, which is a maneuver that involves the boat spinning in
place, which can only be performed because of the jet propulsion system. It’s an exciting feature that adds to the thrill of
riding in a jet boat.

TAME BILLOW Jet Powered Go Kart For Sale
The TAME BILLOW Jet Kart boat , a fusion of a go-kart and jet ski, offers unmatched speed, agility, and thrill on water. This innovative sea vessel boasts a rated power of 15KW, or with double motor system 15KW*2 , propelling it to an impressive top speed of 55KM/H, akin to a sea doo spark jet. Crafted from a durable blend of Glass Fiber , it ensuring swift movement across the water.

The TAME BILLOW Kart sustains a peak power-on time of 70-80 minutes, enhanced by an active water-immersion cooling system for extended water escapades. Unique features such as high and low gear switching and reverse gear functionality add to the vessel’s adaptability.

It offers a user-friendly operation, making it an exciting and safe adventure for all ages. The TAME BILLOW Go Kart’s ternary lithium battery, compatible with 220V/110V charging, promises 1500 charge-discharge cycles.

Coupled with safety features, stylish aesthetics, and a thrilling top speed, the TAME BILLOW Jet Kart boat revolutionizes the watersport experience.

Specification with More details
Rated Power
15 KW or 15KW*2 or customized 
0-55 KM/H
Running time
Shell material
Glass Fiber 
Hull 55 KG +Battery 26 KG
Max load
Cooling method
Active water-immersion cooling
Charger specification
220V/110V, (220V /110V for configuration in European and American regions)
Board size
200*90*50 cm
Battery life
1500 charge-discharge cycles
Charging time
about 3H-5H
Battery capacity
72V  60AH or  120AH
Warranty policy 
Power system is guaranteed for 12months and battery for 9


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