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What are the popular brands of hydrofoil surfboards?

2024-01-24 03:01:05

Update in 2023, some popular brands in the electric surfboard or power surfboard space include:

  1. Lampuga: Known for their electric surfboards with jet propulsion systems.

  2. Radinn: Offers electric jetboards for a powered surfing experience.

  3. Onean: Produces electric surfboards designed for different skill levels.

  4. Torqueedo: Although primarily known for electric boat motors, Torqeedo has ventured into electric surfboards.

  5. Fliteboard: Known for their eFoils, which are electric hydrofoil surfboards.

  6. Carver X: Specializes in electric surfboards with a focus on performance and maneuverability.

  7. Awake Boards: Produces electric surfboards with a sleek design and high performance.

  8. Tame Billow: Can reach varying speeds depending on the model, with some capable of high speeds suitable for experienced riders.


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