HOGARnoticiasDepartamento de Comercio Exterior celebró su cuarto aniversario con gran entusiasmo y orgullo

Departamento de Comercio Exterior celebró su cuarto aniversario con gran entusiasmo y orgullo

2024-03-25 02:03:31

Hefei, March 19, 2024 

YuHuan Group’s Foreign Trade Department celebrated its 4th anniversary with great enthusiasm and pride, marking four years of remarkable growth and success in expanding the company’s global presence. The anniversary event, held at the company’s headquarters in YuHuan City, was attended by key stakeholders, partners, and employees.

During the celebration, Mr. Lv Liang, the CEO of YuHuan Group, highlighted the department’s significant contributions to the company’s international expansion and success in penetrating new markets. He expressed gratitude to the dedicated team for their hard work and commitment to excellence.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of the department’s flagship product, the Tame Billow efoil and electric Surfboard. Launched 3 years ago, the Tame Billow efoil Surfboard has gained widespread popularity in international markets for its innovative design, superior quality, and unparalleled performance. Mr. Abel Ling, the Head of the Foreign Trade Department, emphasized the electric surfboard’s role in driving the company’s export growth and enhancing its reputation as a leading player in the outdoor sports equipment industry.

“The Tame Billow Electric Surfboard symbolizes our commitment to innovation and excellence in product development,” said Mr. Ling. “Its success in global markets is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team.”

Looking ahead, YuHuan Group’s Foreign Trade Department remains focused on expanding its presence in key international markets, forging strategic partnerships, and continuing to deliver innovative and high-quality products to customers worldwide. As it enters its fifth year, the department is poised for even greater achievements and milestones in the global arena.



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